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The Xenophobe´s Guide to the Austrians - James Louis

"We cannot be moved""The Austrian needs lots of persuading to have his traditions tampered with in the name of modernization and efficiency. He is attached to his sausage, his insipid beer, and the young white wine that tastes so remarkably like iron filings. He prefers the familiar, tried, and tes... > více

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The Elements Of Pizza - Ken Forkish

A follow-up to the James Beard and IACP award-winning book Flour Water Salt Yeast, featuring an unprecedented look into the mechanics of pizza-dough making, plus scores of recipes for pizzas in every style: Neapolitan, Roman, American pan pizza, New York-style, creative flat breads, gluten-free piz... > více

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MS The Little Black Book Of Christmas Songs

Noty pro kytaru LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF CHRISTMAS SONGS Zpěvníky z edice Little Black Book obsahují texty a akordy k desítkám populárních skladeb. Tato verze těchto zpěvníků kapesní velikosti představuje ty největší hity s vánoční tematikou. Seznam skladeb: (There's No Place Like) Home For The... > více

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