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Thinking the 20th Century - Tony Judt

Two explorers set out on a journey from which only one of them will return. Their unknown land is that often fearsome continent we call the 20th Century. Their route is through their own minds and memories. Both travellers are professional historians still tormented by their own unanswered question... > více

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When the Facts Change - Tony Judt

Autor : Tony Judt, Flashing with the insight, versatility, and sharp critique that defined Tony Judt's work, this book of previously uncollected essays presents us with an intellectual life in full. Taking us through the evolution of a career committed to serious engagement, both in academia and on... > více

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When the Facts Change: Essays 1995 - 2010 - Tony Judt

A great thinker's final testament: a characteristically wise and forthright collection of essays from the author of Postwar and Thinking<b> the Twentieth Century, spanning a career of extraordinary intellectual engagement. Edited and introduced by Jennifer Homans. Tony Judt's first collection of essay... > více

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